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A Strong Woman is Running for President

I am so proud that we have such a strong woman likely to be the next president of the United States.  It is sad to say, but I don’t think everyone is proud.

In fact, I think there are many that feel threatened by such a strong woman. The day Hillary Clinton became First Lady, and began working on establishing health insurance for all, was just too much for the Good Old Boys (GOP) and conservative Democrats to handle.

We need to look past the Republicans’ effort who are trying everything and anything to keep this wonderful strong woman from becoming president. They have been trying, in vain, to discredit Hillary Clinton for years. We cannot let them get away with it.


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It’s Election Season Again!

Bernie sanders with we the people

Bernie Sanders with We the People

So we are back. Back in the windy world of presidential politics.

As a person whose goal is to seek and disseminate the truth, I will say that I believe Bernie Sanders is the most truthful candidate I have ever seen.  He wants to work within the rigged system, then mobilize the American people to fix the system with their votes. The current system is set up so  private companies can give a lot of money to politicians so that they will legislate policies that enable these companies to make more money. This prevents our elected officials from doing what is best for We the People.  If these politicians do NOT do what the private companies want, they will give their money to another candidate, a candidate that they CAN control.

Well, the days are over when the People vote against there own self interests by believing the false rhetoric  “take our country back” or “make America great again.”  What the People didn’t understand, until finally Senator Sanders is now telling them, is that when they say “take our country back,” what they really mean is, take it away from We the People, and give it to wealthy.  When they say “make America great again,” what they are really saying is make the wealthiest Americans great again. And the word “again” is really unnecessary because it always was great for the wealthy, and it always will be great for the wealthy unless if we, yes, We the People, stand up and VOTE!

The voters of yesterday thought that government was too big. They thought they wanted  smaller government. If the government is made smaller,  all that extra “power and money” of the government will NOT be given to We the People! It will be given to the wealthy, the big corporations, the banks, the 1/10 of 1 percent.  If the voters want to “reduce the size of government,”  we the People will NOT be the beneficiaries! We the People will not prosper.  The wealthy will prosper. The wealthy will take  control, doing what is best for their profit line, definitely NOT what is best for We the People.

We the People, and only We the People have the power, but we must use that power by voting! And we must vote for someone who is going to keep We the People in power by taking that power and money away from the wealthy, the big corporations, the banks, the 1/10 of 1 percent. That wealth does not trickle down. That wealth does NOT create jobs. If it did, We the People would be getting richer, too. But, as we all know, the rich are getting richer and the We are getting poorer.

Bernie Sanders is the only one who can effectively bring this truthful message to We the People, and enable Us to rebuild this nation, to make is strong, to make it safe, to make it the envy of all the world.


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A Sense of Humor. What can you learn from John McCain’s?

IClick edit above to add content to this empty capsule.

Click edit above to add content to this empty capsule.

Would you ever tell a joke that would insult a person you love and respect? By insult, I mean finding humor in anything that would hurt them.

I have a little “check” I do when I hear a joke that I find offensive. Recounting the same joke in my head, I replace the demographic or the situation at the “receiving end” of the joke, with my own. For example, a joke about women, I replace with a joke about me, or a woman I love and respect. If the joke offends me after hearing it in a way that made it personal, than I seriously question the judgement, ethics and beliefs of that joke teller.

Let’s have a look at the those jokes that John McCain finds funny. I find them highly offensive and revealing, but you should see for yourself.

Here are some of John McCains most offensive jokes:

  • Back in 1986, during his initial run for the Senate, John McCain allegedly told a crude joke about rape involving a woman’s affection for an ape.

    “Did you hear the one about the woman who is attacked on the street by a gorilla, beaten senseless, raped repeatedly and left to die? When she finally regains consciousness and tries to speak, her doctor leans over to hear her sigh contently and to feebly ask, ‘Where is that marvelous ape?’”

    Try telling the joke this way:

    Did you hear the one about when you were attacked on the street by a gorilla, beaten senseless, raped repeatedly and left to die? When you finally regained consciousness and tried to speak, your doctor leaned over to hear you sigh contently and feebly ask, ‘Where is that marvelous ape?’

    Use your wife, your mother, or the name of any woman you respect. Appalling!

    I am seething from the thought that this man could be president, making the most important decisions of the entire world, many of them affecting women. In fact, in my earlier post, you can see the kind of sexist decisions he has made in the past by his voting record.

  • Senior national correspondent Jake Tapper, of ABC News asked McCain why he did not choose Nevada’s Republican Governor Jim Gibbons for for his state campaign chair. This is the traditional choice when the governor is of the same party. McCain explained that he had a longstanding relationship with the state’s lieutenant governor. Governor Gibbons has low approval ratings which prompted the reporter to ask if this was the reason he passed over the governor. McCain defended his choice by saying laughingly, “And I stopped beating my wife just a couple of weeks ago.”

    This could only have been in reference to that fact that Gibbons was going through a high-profile divorce, with multiple charges of infidelity. Did he also know that a cocktail waitress had accused Gibbons of grabbing and threatening her with sexual assault in a parking garage?

    Replace “my wife” with your name. Not so funny, is it? Only a sexist could say something this awful.

  • McCains wife commented that his hair was getting a little thin. McCain’s temper kicked in, and refering to Chelsea Clinton, age 18, he said “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollup, you c*nt!”

    First of all, this man called his wife a “cunt!” As if this is not bad enough, he makes a predatory attack on a defenseless girl by a public figure to further his political goal. Reprehensible and discusting.

  • McCain was speaking at a GOP fundraiser in Washington, D.C. in 1998. He came up with this joke: “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father.” Again, attacking a defensless young girl, Janet Reno and the Clinton family all in a two line joke. Put your or your daughters name in place of Chelsea, do the same for Janet Reno.

    Not so funny.

  • When asked in late January of 2008 if McCain had pressured Florida Governor Charlie Crist for his endorsement, McCain added, “It was just waterboarding.”

    This kind of remark is bad enough, but he also shows himself as a hypocrite by previously sharply criticizing Rudy Guiliani similar remarks.

    A short month later, the New Yorker reported McCain using this joke again. He was referencing the staff that left his campaign until he started winning. He said he submitted them to “a short period of waterboarding to find out what they did in their absence.”

  • It is worth noting here that when the Bush administration attempted to pass a law to allow waterboarding, McCain, having been a victim of torture himself, was against this law. Later, when he was running for president, he changed and voted for the the law. Flip flop, yes, but does this man have any moral or ethical convictions?
  • Jon Stewart’s hit series had invited McCain as his guest. When he came out, McCain joked that he’d brought Stewart an improvised explosive device as a gift from Iraq.

    This remark drew sharp criticism from the press and other for being “inappropriate and insensitive.” These devices, known as IEDs is the cause of over 1/3 of all American casualties since the 2003 invasion.

    The world is so delicate today, leaders all over the world are on edge. We cannot afford a president who might offend a world leader with his consistently offensive sense of humor.

    If he had made a joke saying he had brought Jon Stewart a gift of one of our own weapons, he may have gotten away with it. His gift was the weapon that killed our soldiers.

  • While fox news was interviewing John McCain, he took a shot at one of our allies “You know,” he said, “the French remind me a little bit of an aging actress of the 1940s who is still trying to dine out on her looks but doesn’t have the face for it.”

    France is heavily involved in the Afghan conflict and making these kinds of jokes about an extremely important ally created a stir from both sides of the Atlantic. This off color remark drew sharp criticism and raised doubt about the Senator’s skills as a diplomat.

  • We may have all heard his rendition of the Beach Boys tune “Barbara Ann” as “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran.”

    Another strike out as a skilled diplomat. He can start a war with his insensitive attempt at humor. It’s scary.

  • This August, McCain was addressing a biker rally at the annual Sturgis Rally at Buffalo Chip campground in South Dakota.

    Referring to a traditional beauty pageant, a debauchery of topless women on parade awaiting judgement of their beauty, McCain said to a cheering public

    “I encouraged Cindy to compete,” he continued, “I told her with a little luck she could be the only woman ever to serve as first lady and Miss Buffalo Chip.”

    These kinds of remarks are so consistant you cannot even say, “So, one off color remark, c’mon, so what?

    At this point, I truely believe we are getting an unusual look straight into the heart and soul of the man and I don’t like what I see.


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Women Voters: Help keep McCain out of the White House!

I must admit, I am quite concerned about the fact that I personally know two or three women that are progressive, intelligent Hillary Clinton supporters who want to either vote for a third party candidate, stay home or write-in Hillary Clinton.

Of course any of those actions would give John McCain a significant advantage that could put him in the White House.

One argument I have heard is that the Obama campaign was sexist and they do not want to “reward” such behavior with their vote.  I certainly understand that sexism is alive and well in this country and I was appalled by some of the rhetoric used during this primary season. I should also mention that I was equally appalled with the racist rhetoric I had been hearing.  The reality is, McCain would actually legislate sexism. We cannot afford this step backward.

Withholding our vote from Barack Obama would put McCain in office. On sexism, McCain is no talk and all action!

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America said, “He voted against family planning, he voted against the freedom of access to clinic entrances — that was about violence against women in clinics,” Keenan says, adding, “He voted against funding for teen pregnancy-prevention programs, and making sure that abstinence only was medically accurate. This is very, very extreme.”

In addition, McCain has long held radical positions on reproductive issues, having consistently voted :

  • AGAINST Ensuring women’s access to birth control
  • AGAINST Providing educational information for teens on birth control
  • AGAINST Requiring health insurance companies to cover birth control

The bill that McCain voted for that which denies coverage for birth control actually mandates coverage for Viagra! When he was confronted with this, he went into a long, long pause looking like a deer in headlights. His actual response was that he didn’t want to talk about it, he doesn’t remember his vote and he doesn’t know what his opinion is on this.

McCain has stated that Roe vs. Wade “must be overturned.” His position is that abortion should be not legal even in cases of rape, incest or life threatening conditions for the mother.

And there’s more!

John McCain has opposed the Fair Pay Act – a bill that would guarantee women equal pay for equal work. To make matters worse, McCain insulted women by saying that the solution to employment discrimination was for women to get more “education and training.”

Now, think about this. When you watch the polls and you see McCain so close to overtaking Obama, do you ever actually imagine that this man, John McCain, could be our president?  Does that trouble you in any way?

If so, than you know the only decision you can make, for woman’s sake, is to pull that lever for Barack Obama.Do you dislike him so much that you would be willing to give the presidency to an institutionalized sexist?


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