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A truthful letter about the Panic that will ensue should Obama not win!


Dear Wade,  Did someone say, “Foreign Policy”?!!!!  How Barack Obama MIGHT do with regard to FP is mere speculation right now.  I’m having the Bejesus scared out of me by the CURRENT “experienced” administration when it comes to “foreign policy”!   Please Lord, grant me the privilege of having the “inexperienced” Barack Obama direct this country’s FP!!  As a manifestation of my PRESENT fears, here’s a little panic note I sent my Senator!


Dear Senator Klobuchar, I wish to register my concerns regarding the recent defense agreement signed by Sec’t. Condylissa Rice and the Polish government.  If my understanding is correct, this agreement goes beyond a missile defense system that is designed to disable any missile launched from countries which we have designated as sponsors of terrorism.  It also has a battery of missiles that are specifically present to thwart any military action that might be initiated by Russia against Poland.  Furthermore, I understand that this agreement places the U.S. in a special defense alliance with Poland that goes beyond the general committment that NATO countries have made to defend Poland.  Finally, I understand that these defense facilities will be staffed by American military personnel.

      Frankly, if what I read is true, I’m wondering how such an arrangement with Poland came to pass?  True, the Russians have shown worrisome aggression in Ossetia of late.  However, why does the U.S. have to assume a more provocative role than other members of NATO?  Furthermore, what would be our reaction if Russia did similar posturing by establishing a missile defense system in Mexico?  (If my knowledge of U.S. history is correct, we “invaded” Mexico and took over some of its land in what today is part of Arizona.  So, it’s not as though we have a stellar record in such matters.)  So, my final question relates to what I learned in 8th grade civics class.  It has to do with the Senate’s role of “advise and consent”.  If you, as my elected Senator, have any sway in this matter, I urge you to be the voice of constraint.  Thank you for your consideration to this matter.

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