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The lack of civility in McCain’s crowds promotes new feud amongst politicians

At last weeks Republican campaign rallies, the words of McCain and Palin clearly gave way for their supporters to make calls like  “Traitor!” “Bomb Obama!” “Kill him!” “Liar!” “Off with his head” and the use of the “N” word to a black cameraman while their candidates stood in silence as their fans cheered them on.

In addition to these horrific and dangerous shout-outs, which some fear could be a call-to-action, the questions coming from these town hall formats had nothing to do with the economy, nothing to do with the issues, but rather were expressions of fear of a Barack Obama president, fear that we would have an “Arab,” “a Muslim” or even worse “a domestic terrorist” in the white house. This fear, courtesy of John McCain himself , is currently being promoted in his attack ads against Barack Obama. These attack ads were developed to introduce a connection between Barack Obama and 60’s radical Bill Ayers and the clearly untrue notion this relationship implies that Obama might be a domestic terrorist himself. Everyone, including McCain himself knows that this is patently false, and McCain has stated so.

I do not believe that McCain himself thinks for one minute that Barack Obama has a terrorist bone in his body, but McCain was clearly generating a fear of Barack Obama, even if it means misleading the American people.

Careful what you wish for, Sen. McCain, because you just got it.

John McCain has now had to awkwardly back peddle, to the boos in his crowd, he has had to say that Barack Obama is “a Christian and a decent family man.”  This environment of anger, hate and fear from the McCain rallies had not been challenged, until the national response, through media, polls and other statements have expressed concern over the danger of allowing such rhetoric to continue, forcing McCain to ask his supporters for calm.

And just now, as I am writing this post, it was announced that Rep. John Lewis said “What I am seeing reminds me too much of another destructive period in American history in the not so distant past” when George Wallace “created the climate and conditions” which provoked hate.

Barack Obama responded that he does not believe that John McCain is promoting the policies of George Wallace and that to his credit John McCain himself has spoken out at his own rallies to calm the hateful rhetoric of his supporters. Obama did continue to say, however, that Sarah Palin’s should revoke her remarks that Barack Obama “pals around with terrorists,” a notion that John McCain has had to rebuke himself.

Several republican spokesmen were on the air just a moments ago continuing to state that Barack Obama was palling around with terrorists, even after McCain himself has stated that this is not true.

This latest, very latest back and forth between camps has, at the very least, shown an undisciplined republican party, where some spokesmen are saying the Obama did pal around with terrorists, while John McCain himself is saying that this is not so.

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