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Julian Assange is Not Acting as Whistle Blower

julian-assangeI have taken some heat over my criticism of Julian Assange. I do support the principle of whistle blowing and all of those that support it. Today, Assange is not acting as a whistle blower. He is acting as his own agent, clearly trying to control the results of our elections. His timing is strategically placed to give the advantage to Trump. He absolutely hates Hillary Clinton, he has made that clear. He has never even lived in this country and he is using the cover of the support for his original noble mission to control the results of our elections. Why didn’t he release these before or after the election? Nina Khrushcheva, the granddaughter of Nikita Khrushchev, firmly believes that Putin wants Trump to win because he feels that if Trump becomes president, the country would fall apart on many levels. I think most of us agree that Putin is right. Mr. Assange will never live under a Trump presidency, so he doesn’t fully appreciate the importance of a Trump-free country. This is not whistle blowing, the is an effort to control our elections, and it will clearly help Trump win, especially if he holds on to some of the most egregious emails for an October surprise.

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Do You Believe in Hillary Clinton?

If you are a woman, and you support Hillary and you believe in Hillary, then you must now understand that it is time to lay down your arms.  Listen to Her. She wants you to vote for Barack Obama, with every breath of her being. Did she fight for all of you for nothing?

She asked you if you were “just supporting me, or were you supporting that young marine…” and all of the causes that Hillary as been fighting for her entire life.  Are you going to let her down? Are you really going to vote for John McCain?  It will have to be a secret, because if Hillary finds out, she will not be happy!

And keep this in mind: Joe Biden created the Violence Against Woman Act and John McCain voted against it.

Put your passion along side Hillary’s and get out the vote for Barack Obama!

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