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McCain wants to reinstate the draft?

Note to McCain: listen to what Barack Obama has to say.

During a town home meeting, a woman, fighting back tears, asked John McCain a question, which began by making reference to poor health care for veterans and the undocumented workers, but there was only one, clear question in the form of the statement, “…..if we don’t re-enact the draft, I don’t think we will have anyone to chase Bin Laden to the gates of hell.”   

John McCain’s response, “I agree with everything you just said.”

So does McCain want to reinstate the draft? McCain did say that he was apposed to it, but only because, he said, “I never heard of a draft that rich people couldn’t find a doctor that would say they had a bad knee”

It is quite clear that he does not oppose the draft in principal, but only because the draft had loopholes and let too many ways to avoid it.

At his town hall meetings, he has also said that we may stay in Iraq “for 100 years,” and that “there will be many more wars.”

If that were the plan, yes indeed, we would absolutely need the draft. For that, I believe, there is no doubt.

Fortunately, this is not Obama’s plan.

Barack Obama has been saying for quite some time that we need a timeline to get the troops out of Iraq and that we need to redeploy troops into Afghanistan.

A timeline that McCain opposes? Is McCain further to the right of Bush and Condoleezza Rice? Because even they have finally adapted Obama’s foreign policy and announced a timeline to withdraw troops from Iraq.

And the Pentagon has endorsed Obama’s plan to redeploy troops into Afghanistan.

According to the actions and statements of the White House and the Pentagon, Barack Obama knows exactly what he is talking about. John McCain doesn’t.

Barack Obama’s plan is to minimize war and manage effectively the use of our armed forces. 

John McCain’s plan is to stay in Iraq indefinitely, possibly “bomb Iran,” and rattle sables to Russia (without even realizing the consequences) and if we need to re-instate the draft, too bad.

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