Be Informed Before You Vote! We Have a Choice! No to Mel, YES to Meegan!

I know that many people just vote for the status quo and elect the name that they know. This is the greatest mistake that we could make, and we will all pay for it later.
Who is Deb Mel? She is the daughter of our former Alderman Richard Mel. Does that qualify her? Absolutely not! Is she a name that you know? Absolutely, but voting for her would be exactly how kings are made. The offspring automatically inherit the “thrown.” The major difference here is that we have a choice!
Deb Mel has got the big machine money behind her. Does that make her the right person for the job? Absolutely NOT. Her family friends are mailing out flyers, feeding you with one liners that are total distortions of the truth.
For example, I recently received a flying saying Meegan was going to raise your taxes! This is way off base. Meegan wants to, in effect, LOWER the property taxes for the middle class and poor working families so that the wealthiest Illinoisans will have to step up and pay their fair share. Are you one of those wealthy Illinoisans? Probably not. So why would you vote to benefit the most wealthy at *your* expense.
You need to get past these one liners and think about the fact that, if you are middle class, or the working poor, or just simply a part of our forgotten underclass, voting for name recognition is a vote against your own best interests!
There is no “trickle” down of money from the wealthy. There is no reason to vote for Deb Mel, who is simply a mouth piece for Rahm Emanuel. These polished, high powered, well-funded candidates look so wonderful, but don’t be fooled.
I strongly support Tim Meegan for Alderman, because I know firsthand that he cares about this community. He is extremely committed to us, the people of the 33 ward, our schools, our children, our jobs, our homes and our lives. He is a very smart, compassionate family man who would put us first.
Mel and the machine is interested in digging deeper roots in their careers by greasing the pockets of their wealthy donors.
Meegan is interested in digging deeper into solutions for our community, solutions that would make all of our lives better.
Which sounds better to you?


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by | June 15, 2014 · 1:19 am

Undercover Boss needed for teachers

Teaching is a lifestyle requiring complete dedication and long work hours.  We are on the front lines, facing some of the toughest problems and the most critical assets of our future with love and care. Our top priority is our students.

I do believe that most administrators care about our students, however, they need to face the upper echelons and politicians that deal with education. They have the pressure to satisfy the public and yet find the budget to pay for teachers, support staff, services and supplies.

There is a program called “Undercover Boss” on the OWN network. The idea behind this program is to send CEOs into the fields where s/he visits the workforce to find out what some of the challenges are and what they can do to make the workers’ jobs easier.

In education, they send  an administrator into the classroom. They are not there to find out what some of the challenges are or how they can help the teacher do a better job. They are there to pass judgement on the teacher to find out if that teacher should be the first or the last to loose their job.

Do you think this is in the best interest of our students? Does it sound like our administrators and politicians are doing what they can to make the job of the teacher easier so they can better serve the student?

I don’t.

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No Strike in Syria

Have you got to be kidding? You want to destabilize a region even more than it already is? The “Arab Spring” has turned into a witches brew, and you want to throw explosives into the pot? Why?

Will it make things worse? better? All of the experts say different things.  We cannot possibly know how far reaching these consequences might be. 

Maybe you say, “If we don’t attack, they will do it again and we will appear weak!”

I respond this way:

  • Chemical weapons have been in use for years. Why respond now? Even the United States used chemical weapons in Vietnam!
  • The United States may “appear” weak for a week or two, but we will never actually be weak, and everybody knows it.
  • Who would we support by this? Some of those rebels are terrorists. And believe me, they won’t thank us later for fighting their enemy!
  • Actual consequences are unknown. Can we take that chance? Do we want more bloodshed? 

Let’s stay out of this one.


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Ask a teacher. We know the truth about education. We live it.

I am a teacher for the Chicago Public Schools, and I can tell you that Rahm Emanuel  is just like the republicans. Teachers here call him Rahmney.
He wanted to convert 50% of Chicago Public Schools to charter schools. This is only the beginning of privatizing the public schools. Charter schools are profit centers for Rahm Emanuel and Penny Pritzker and family.
The extreme poor and minority community cannot get into the charter schools. If you are a discipline problem, some charter schools will CHARGE you a fine that you cannot possibly pay, which pushes you right back to the ever shrinking public schools. Some charter schools hire NON-CERTIFIED non-union teachers, who are cheaper. They can do this because they don’t have to follow any state laws, they are private!
What they want (Rahm and his chronies) is to shrink the number of public schools until there are only a few left for the poor and minority students. This is segregation, and it is also giving up on these kids.
Poverty is the problem with public education, not just because the impoverished don’t get books, paper or proper supplies, but research shows clearly that there is a direct correlation between poverty and low test scores. These kids with low test scores often have dysfunctional families, broken homes, parents who are homeless, incarcerated , chemical dependent, or alcoholic parents, just to name a few. Many of these kids are children of children.  Those pregnant girls in our classes 15 years ago are now sending their children to our public schools. Often raised by grandmother’s, aunts, uncles, or wards of the state, they barely had a chance.
Public schools are there for these kids and for all kids.  We cannot forget them or round them up into a few public schools and let them drown in their own society.


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Proof: High Capacity Magazines Should Be Banned

This post is a bit late, but after seeing our President address the nation at the memorial service for the fallen and injured in the wake of the attack at the Safeway in Tuscon, Arizona, I would like to drop all divisive rhetoric.  I will say that I do honor my president, I think he is a great man. If there are times when he has disappointed me,  I speak out, but this is not one of those times. He has instructed me, us, all of us, not to use this event to polarize the country.  I listened. I hope we all listened.

I do believe that we can come together as a country and pass legislation to ban these high capacity magazines.  I strongly believe that this could saves lives and if just one life were to be spared as a result of this legislation, it would be in the name of Christine Taylor Green, and all the other lives that were taken out that day.

Let me state this as clearly as I can using the following conditional statements:

If a gun had more rounds of ammunition, it could kill more people.  This statement is true. If you had a counter-example to prove it false, I would love to hear it!

On the other hand, the converse of this statement: If more people were killed, then the gun used had more rounds of ammunition, is clearly false.  There are an endless amount of counter examples that can prove it to be false, such as the skill level of the shooters ability to change magazines, etc. You can find counter examples all over the internet.

The original statement, not this false one, is the only argument required, in my opinion, to remove these magazines from the market. If even one more life could be taken using high round magazines, if even one persons liberty could be taken away at the expense of the freedom of their shooter, than this argument is enough to ban this high capacity magazine.  If you disagree, tell me how many people is your limit? Is it ok if only 5 more people could be killed? 10? I say 1, just one life, is enough to ban these magazines.

You see, I am pro-life.


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“Don’t Retreat, Instead-RELOAD!” ?? Sarah Palin clearly inciting violence

In an article appearing in “Politics Daily,” Matt Lewis is said:

First, it is sad to see folks immediately politicize such a tragedy. If your first response to such an event is to think of Sarah Palin, something is wrong.

First of all, politicizing something is when you are using an event in the news, good or bad, for the promotion of a candidate or general political point of view. I am not doing any of that. Sarah Palin could be a Democrat or a Republican, extreme right or extreme left, right up the middle, it just doesn’t matter. What matters is Ms. Palin, and  many others are promoting the rhetoric of violence, and we are now seeing the fruits of that rhetoric.  Many reasonable Americans expressed a particular concern over the map of the U.S. with cross hairs as seen through a rifle, supported by such rhetoric as “‘Don’t Retreat, Instead-RELOAD!'”Sarah Palin's Tweet invoking violence

Mr. Lewis ends his article by saying,

To be sure, it is possible for a politician to use words to incite violence, but putting a target on a congressional district is clearly not an example of that.

Mr. Lewis, putting a target on a congressional district, with the supported rhetoric of reloading a riffle is the most clear example of that. Although I am not making statements of absolute truth, when an unstable young man such as Mr. Loughtner,  who is know for his anti-government beliefs, carries out the execution of a U.S. Congresswoman who appears under the bulls eye of Sarah Palin’s map, we can at least say that this kind of rhetoric is, at the very least, extremely dangerous.

It would appear that Sarah Palin agrees with that because several hours after the shooting, she pulled down any webpage under her control showing the bulls eye map. She also deleted her tweet shown in this image.


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Sarah Palin’s Congressional Target Hit! Gabrielle Giffords Shot

UPDATE: 1/8/11 Sarah Palin’s website “” has been mysteriously taken down, but not before I made a copy of it. Visit Take Back the to see my copy of this website!

Could this be the first shot fired in the war declared on the American People by the right wing fanatics?

USA Today Reported on September 24, 2010

In a website launched on Thursday, the six-month anniversary of the health care law, Palin puts a bull’s-eye on 20 House districts under a headline that reads,

Included among Palin’s Democratic targets: North Dakota’s at-large Rep. Earl Pomeroy, Southeast Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and Virginia Rep. Tom Perriello.

The map, reproduced here from Sarah Palin’s website, showed a bulls eye as seen looking down the barrel of a rifle. The heading reads “We’ve diagnosed the problem… Help us prescribe the solution.”

Rep Giffords

Target Map Direct from Sarah Palin's Website. Shows Target on Giffords' district where she was shot

Is this the new culture of politics that the extreme religious right wish to promote?


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Timothy McVeigh Wannabees

This is NOT an April Fools joke!  During an interview with Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Rep. David Dreier (R-CA), John Hannity declared that their live audience was “Tim McVeigh Wannabes.”  That remark won big cheers from the crowd  and smiles on the faces of California’s congressional representatives McCarthy and Dreier.

Just to remind you, Tim McVeigh was an anti-government terrorist, convicted of blowing up the Oklahoma City Federal Building, killing 168 people, of which many were babies and young children who were housed in a day care center on the premises. Since then, from 1995 to 2005, over 60 domestic terrorism plots have been foiled.

If McCarthy, Dreier and Hannity support murderer Tim McVeigh, they should be questioned for possible treasonous activities.  Members of the audience should also be carefully scrutinized. John Hannity should be fired.

Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself at: Hannity Calls His Audience “Tim McVeigh Wannabes”! And they Cheer?


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Supreme Court voted today: Allow corporations to purchase any candidate

Today, the Supreme Court has ruled to lift restrictions on what corporations and labor organizations may invest to sway voters in federal elections.  This vote means an end to real democracy.

Let me be clear about what this means.

If the Supreme Court had done this previously, than the cigarette companies would still be selling cigarettes on the air, in teenage magazines, with no warning on their packaging.  The cigarette companies would have saturated the airways to vote out the candidate trying to tell the truth about the fact that cigarettes were the number one killer of Americans.   Ford Pinto’s would have never had to pull their faulty auto, causing explosions and killing 100’s of people.  Ford would have purchased the candidate which would support Ford.

The implications of this are simple: an end to democracy in America.

This is so new, that I don’t even know yet what we can do about it. The only thing I have heard about is


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