Cultural Diversity

In this time, the world is becoming a smaller and smaller place. Different parts of the world have such a wide range of cultures, and yet people are mingling internationally now more than ever. Rights in one country are considered a sin in another. Part of cultural understanding is knowing what you can and cannot do in another land. The inability to feel safe, happy, healthy and free living under another set of rules is culture shock. Note, however, that feeling “free” is a defining element of any culture.

For example, for a woman, feeling free may mean covering your face. This might make a woman feel free to roam freely in a city without fear of men around you that you do not know. For others, feeling free may mean the ability to dress however you wish without a fear of people around you. For me, freedom is the ability to live without fear, however mild or tolerable, while being yourself.

It is not enough just know the rules before you travel abroad, but understand how it affects you personally. And if you plan to live there, you must have a profound understanding of how the cultural differences affect you personally.

I welcome the words of anyone who has experienced another culture close up and personal, or anyone who is thinking about it. Or just, anyone.

One response to “Cultural Diversity

  1. blairgarber

    Ok, that’s the most nutty “unicorn and rainbow” pap I’ve read in a long time.

    Right now some of the most despicable horrors ever inflicted on man (and even more on women) are being defended vociferously by their perpetrators under the mantle of diversity of religion and culture.

    Women in Iran aren’t choosing their dress and covering their faces, hair, or heads as a matter of “feeling free”. They are forced to, or risk having their bones broken, being mutilated, killed, and or raped.

    Increasingly in the UN, the Lilliputian autocracies of this planet are mounting very effective campaigns to enshrine “tolerance” of their tyrannies under the auspices of “culture”. Claiming “cultural” or “religious” underpinnings for their oppression they are able to escape sanctions, criticism, or even questioning of these horrific acts. What kind of acts are they protecting? Stonings, amputations and mutilations, honor killings, political/religious persecution, slavery and servitude, genocide, infanticide, and the general enslavement of women. Oh yeah, I forgot cannibalism, and interminable savage internecine war.

    Even here in the US people are working to replace our system of justice and civil rights with Shira. In once Great Britain there is actualy serious debate about running parallel systems of Shira and Common law. And their notions are beyond criticism by reason of “Diversity”. They have been masterful at maintaining and even expanding their oppressive traditions under the guise of “Culture” and “tolerance”.

    People need to wake up, there is good diversity and bad diversity just like everything else. Celebrate that. We should send in the Marines, and free the poor serfs of those regimes so they can clamber into the 21st century. So they can know the liberty, and humanity all people deserve. Think I’m kidding, ask the Haitians if they wished the Marines were still administering their country like they did in the 1920s?

    For my money the best thing about “cultural diversity”, here or anywhere else, is the food.



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