Trust the Teacher

I think the paradigm of the process of education needs to be turned upside down. We, the teacher, need to be the trusted one, because we care more for our students than anyone else. We spend every day with them, we listen to them, we understand them, which is as much a part of our job as teaching them. We know best what works and doesn’t work. We know what we need to do to help them.

I would continue by asking the question then, why do the higher ups continue to tell US what WE need to do in order to best plan for our students? Why do they insist on asking the teacher to account for everything we do, creating more lesson plans, unit plans to a level of detail that DOES NOT HELP US TEACH BETTER! What it does is it takes time away from our kids. We didn’t have extra time laying around, waiting for something more to do, like writing more lesson plans. This means that something that we were doing before gets pushed off our plate. And what do you think that would be? Well, it comes directly out of the time we spend on our students. Why? Because students aren’t going to give us a lower rating. We have to FIRST do what admin wants so we don’t get a lower rating and we can keep our jobs. Or so we won’t get “dinged” as they say. So what is the first thing I would stop doing? I will have to cut back on the crucial process of carefully and thoroughly grading papers. This gives me the feedback I need to inform my instruction. So in order to make time to write all of these unit and lesson plans, I will have to just mark incoming papers with a “Check +” or “Check -” Really? Is this what is best for our students? Of course not, because the top priority of the administration, and the politicians who push the administration is to hold the teacher accountable. To make sure we are doing our job. So we spend more time trying to prove that we are doing our job than actually doing our job. When is anybody going to trust the teacher? Maybe if we could spend the time on the things WE feel will help our students, they will start performing better and have a more successful outcome.

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  1. blairgarber

    Gina, if public schools were about educating students this would be the case, but I’m afraid the results incontrovertibly prove education is merely ancillary to their real purpose.


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