Rebublicans are Commiting Extortion!

Extortion is the crime of coercing someone to do something they ordinary would not do under threat of the abuse of one’s office or authority.

So the Republicans are telling President Obama to reverse his executive order and stop the deportation of some undocumented workers or they will use their office to withhold funding for a a body that would keep the American People safe from terrorism.

In other words, Republicans are saying “If you don’t do want we want, we will not protect the American People.”

How is this even acceptable? Who would vote for someone that would hold our safety HOSTAGE in order to get something, completely unrelated, that they want. Do these people actually care about the Americans? To me, this is proof that they do not.


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3 responses to “Rebublicans are Commiting Extortion!

  1. blairgarber

    Gina, haven’t you heard, Obama got Osama and the War on Terror is over!

    Isn’t that what the Administration has been telling us?

    Doesn’t DHS merely serve to: monitor domestic extremists in order to avert a man made disaster, implement a fair and enlightened open border policy along our secure southern flank, provide social services for undocumented workers and guarantee student loans, housing and in-state tuition for Dreamers?

    Surely you realize Benghazi was just a peaceful protest over a YouTube video that unfortunately got out of hand, and ISIS is just the JV. You know: un and underemployed Arab youth in a desperate search for meaningful carer paths.

    What’s causing all your sudden hysteria about protecting the American People? Hasn’t Sec. of State John Kerry just told us yesterday that we’ve never been safer? Aren’t the remaining GItmo detainees far more dangerous to us as recruiting propaganda than they would be if simply released? Weren’t the Paris shootings just random acts not even worthy of an Administration presence at the Solidarity March?

    Not only is your argument in complete contradiction with everything Obama has assured us about National Security since he became President, it also has you sounding like a RightWing reactionary! And that’s some cognitive dissonance!



  2. /b You cannot seem to formulate a precise response to my statement, so you send me some completely sarcastic, out of context, or misleading statements. Can’t you simply tell me if you believe that what the republicans are doing is ok with you, or not? I am not playing a word game with you.


  3. blairgarber

    As you wish Gina, since satire and irony are too subtle or sophisticated to illustrate the absolute ridiculousness of your charges against Congress, I’ll be direct:

    Of course it’s ok, it’s more than ok to stop the Executive Branch from usurping the Legislature by using Federal Agencies under cabinet control to spin laws out of thin air.

    The President himself admitted his excess when he boasted he’d changed the law. ““Now, you’re absolutely right that there have been significant numbers of deportations. That’s true. But what you are not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law.”

    Don’t take my word, see for yourself, he says it at 2:29

    In defunding the Agency being used to usurp the legislature, Congress it well within it’s rights to restore the separation of power, checks and balances, between the Executive and Legislative branches which our Constitution demands.


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