No Strike in Syria

Have you got to be kidding? You want to destabilize a region even more than it already is? The “Arab Spring” has turned into a witches brew, and you want to throw explosives into the pot? Why?

Will it make things worse? better? All of the experts say different things.  We cannot possibly know how far reaching these consequences might be. 

Maybe you say, “If we don’t attack, they will do it again and we will appear weak!”

I respond this way:

  • Chemical weapons have been in use for years. Why respond now? Even the United States used chemical weapons in Vietnam!
  • The United States may “appear” weak for a week or two, but we will never actually be weak, and everybody knows it.
  • Who would we support by this? Some of those rebels are terrorists. And believe me, they won’t thank us later for fighting their enemy!
  • Actual consequences are unknown. Can we take that chance? Do we want more bloodshed? 

Let’s stay out of this one.



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One response to “No Strike in Syria

  1. Vicki

    Of course you and I are in agreement. This is a lose/lose proposition and will gain us nothing. How could this man, for whom I worked so hard to get elected do something so irrational? We are on the precipice of a very, very deep cliff and I fear falling into it will only lead us all to hell.


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