Ask a teacher. We know the truth about education. We live it.

I am a teacher for the Chicago Public Schools, and I can tell you that Rahm Emanuel  is just like the republicans. Teachers here call him Rahmney.
He wanted to convert 50% of Chicago Public Schools to charter schools. This is only the beginning of privatizing the public schools. Charter schools are profit centers for Rahm Emanuel and Penny Pritzker and family.
The extreme poor and minority community cannot get into the charter schools. If you are a discipline problem, some charter schools will CHARGE you a fine that you cannot possibly pay, which pushes you right back to the ever shrinking public schools. Some charter schools hire NON-CERTIFIED non-union teachers, who are cheaper. They can do this because they don’t have to follow any state laws, they are private!
What they want (Rahm and his chronies) is to shrink the number of public schools until there are only a few left for the poor and minority students. This is segregation, and it is also giving up on these kids.
Poverty is the problem with public education, not just because the impoverished don’t get books, paper or proper supplies, but research shows clearly that there is a direct correlation between poverty and low test scores. These kids with low test scores often have dysfunctional families, broken homes, parents who are homeless, incarcerated , chemical dependent, or alcoholic parents, just to name a few. Many of these kids are children of children.  Those pregnant girls in our classes 15 years ago are now sending their children to our public schools. Often raised by grandmother’s, aunts, uncles, or wards of the state, they barely had a chance.
Public schools are there for these kids and for all kids.  We cannot forget them or round them up into a few public schools and let them drown in their own society.


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6 responses to “Ask a teacher. We know the truth about education. We live it.

  1. blairgarber

    “Some charter schools hire NON-CERTIFIED non-union teachers, who are cheaper. They can do this because they don’t have to follow any state laws, they are private!”

    Is that great, or what?!!!


  2. Nobody understands the problems of education than the teachers who know the students and what is in their hearts. Also, teachers are no longer secure with tenure. We must all be observed and scrutinized at the highest level of scrutiny you can imagine.


  3. blairgarber

    Well Gina, someone has to successfully educate Chicago’s students. And since it’s unarguable the CPS isn’t despite billions of dollars and being the largest employer in Cook County can’t, Charter Schools and their non union teachers seem a good alternative.

    I’m curious why you didn’t open the link, or was it too damning to address?

    Here’s another that lays out the Union’s priorities:


  4. I did open the link. I did watch the video and as I watch this old man in politics, I see someone who as probably never been in a classroom. He couldn’t possibly understand enough about what is really going on with children in schools. We need teachers making decisions, teachers leading the charge, teachers at the podiums of well televised events. Teachers care about students more than anyone else ever could. These students are our children. We love them, we care about them and we know what they need. Teachers have NO power. We just keep doing what we are told, even if it is not the best thing for our students. Charter schools are a way that someone well connected to the Emanuel can receive a packet of big money to open a new school. They can charge students money for rule breaking (low grades, attitude, fighting, whatever their bylaws say). Since the student cannot pay the fine, they drop out and move back into the public schools. This is just another way of creating a school with limited enrollment, while public schools need funding for counselors and therapists for these lost children almost as much as they need teachers.


  5. blairgarber

    Instead of forcing students into failing schools why not have the money follow the child and let the parents decide which school they feel is best? Why is it in every other consumer service or commodity competition is a good thing, driving efficiency, value, innovation and results?

    Why shouldn’t schools be run on a for profit basis? We run every other successful entity that way. If schools were run for profit bad schools would close and better schools would thrive. Just as they do in higher education where people freely pick the school that’s best for them. It’s unarguable colleges along with trade and professional schools do a much better job than public elementary and secondary schools? Perhaps it’s because higher Ed still has a substantial private sector which all colleges and universities must compete with for enrollment.

    What makes public primary and secondary education the one area of life that’s stuck as a union run government monopoly? I know the current system is good for union teachers, and it’s used to buy support for corrupt politicians, but their record of success in educating Chicago’s students is disgraceful.

    I think we’re far past the point believing simply more of the same, ie evermore money and union teachers can deliver better results.


  6. The model you describe is so off base. It is not about deciding which schools should close, or letting families choose their school, or this school is good or that school is bad. Think about it. We are not talking about the brick and mortar of school buildings. Schools are made up of children. You cannot close children! Suffering schools are based on the students inside, not the administration, not the teachers, but the students. In extreme cases, where an administration or teacher are totally incompetent, then, this would be a case of a bad school. That is rare (at least for teachers). I always say there is no such thing as a bad teacher because if you are not passionate about what you do, you are not a teacher. Students are clustered by socio-economic backgrounds. Show me a great school that is not selective enrollment, whose population is from a very low socio-economic background, with A-B averages, 99% graduation rate and a 26 average ACT score. If you find one, please let me know because it ought to me making news headlines.


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