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Proof: High Capacity Magazines Should Be Banned

This post is a bit late, but after seeing our President address the nation at the memorial service for the fallen and injured in the wake of the attack at the Safeway in Tuscon, Arizona, I would like to drop all divisive rhetoric.  I will say that I do honor my president, I think he is a great man. If there are times when he has disappointed me,  I speak out, but this is not one of those times. He has instructed me, us, all of us, not to use this event to polarize the country.  I listened. I hope we all listened.

I do believe that we can come together as a country and pass legislation to ban these high capacity magazines.  I strongly believe that this could saves lives and if just one life were to be spared as a result of this legislation, it would be in the name of Christine Taylor Green, and all the other lives that were taken out that day.

Let me state this as clearly as I can using the following conditional statements:

If a gun had more rounds of ammunition, it could kill more people.  This statement is true. If you had a counter-example to prove it false, I would love to hear it!

On the other hand, the converse of this statement: If more people were killed, then the gun used had more rounds of ammunition, is clearly false.  There are an endless amount of counter examples that can prove it to be false, such as the skill level of the shooters ability to change magazines, etc. You can find counter examples all over the internet.

The original statement, not this false one, is the only argument required, in my opinion, to remove these magazines from the market. If even one more life could be taken using high round magazines, if even one persons liberty could be taken away at the expense of the freedom of their shooter, than this argument is enough to ban this high capacity magazine.  If you disagree, tell me how many people is your limit? Is it ok if only 5 more people could be killed? 10? I say 1, just one life, is enough to ban these magazines.

You see, I am pro-life.


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“Don’t Retreat, Instead-RELOAD!” ?? Sarah Palin clearly inciting violence

In an article appearing in “Politics Daily,” Matt Lewis is said:

First, it is sad to see folks immediately politicize such a tragedy. If your first response to such an event is to think of Sarah Palin, something is wrong.

First of all, politicizing something is when you are using an event in the news, good or bad, for the promotion of a candidate or general political point of view. I am not doing any of that. Sarah Palin could be a Democrat or a Republican, extreme right or extreme left, right up the middle, it just doesn’t matter. What matters is Ms. Palin, and  many others are promoting the rhetoric of violence, and we are now seeing the fruits of that rhetoric.  Many reasonable Americans expressed a particular concern over the map of the U.S. with cross hairs as seen through a rifle, supported by such rhetoric as “‘Don’t Retreat, Instead-RELOAD!'”Sarah Palin's Tweet invoking violence

Mr. Lewis ends his article by saying,

To be sure, it is possible for a politician to use words to incite violence, but putting a target on a congressional district is clearly not an example of that.

Mr. Lewis, putting a target on a congressional district, with the supported rhetoric of reloading a riffle is the most clear example of that. Although I am not making statements of absolute truth, when an unstable young man such as Mr. Loughtner,  who is know for his anti-government beliefs, carries out the execution of a U.S. Congresswoman who appears under the bulls eye of Sarah Palin’s map, we can at least say that this kind of rhetoric is, at the very least, extremely dangerous.

It would appear that Sarah Palin agrees with that because several hours after the shooting, she pulled down any webpage under her control showing the bulls eye map. She also deleted her tweet shown in this image.


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Sarah Palin’s Congressional Target Hit! Gabrielle Giffords Shot

UPDATE: 1/8/11 Sarah Palin’s website “” has been mysteriously taken down, but not before I made a copy of it. Visit Take Back the to see my copy of this website!

Could this be the first shot fired in the war declared on the American People by the right wing fanatics?

USA Today Reported on September 24, 2010

In a website launched on Thursday, the six-month anniversary of the health care law, Palin puts a bull’s-eye on 20 House districts under a headline that reads,

Included among Palin’s Democratic targets: North Dakota’s at-large Rep. Earl Pomeroy, Southeast Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and Virginia Rep. Tom Perriello.

The map, reproduced here from Sarah Palin’s website, showed a bulls eye as seen looking down the barrel of a rifle. The heading reads “We’ve diagnosed the problem… Help us prescribe the solution.”

Rep Giffords

Target Map Direct from Sarah Palin's Website. Shows Target on Giffords' district where she was shot

Is this the new culture of politics that the extreme religious right wish to promote?


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