We Voted for Earth

We voted for EarthTonight, in our Chicago home, we voted for Earth by switching off our lights at precisely 8:30 pm, local time.

For our family, it was more than just a vote for Earth, it was an evening filled with warmth to the light of only candles.

We talked about what life was like before the days of electricity. Good questions were discussed about how dependent we are on electric power where those from days passed lived everyday without any electricity, ever!

Could we live without power, not for an hour, but a day? a year? How did we get to this point? Progress comes with a price, one that we can no longer afford to pay.

Without electricity, we enjoyed each other so much more. No one was on their computer, watching T.V., playing the radio or listening to music. We were together, and it was a wonderful time.

We asked ourselves, what can we do for an entire hour? After we talked and did some thinking, we played some good, organic music. We took out our acoustic guitars and played the blues, really. Our daughter is a great singer, my husband a professional blues guitarist, and I did some harmonies.

This day that the lights went out will be one of my most fond family memories. At the end of one hour, when the lights came back on, members of our family scattered off to their usual computers and television sets Something special came to an end.

Is their a moral to this story? You betcha!

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