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And the U.S. Senate Votes Tonight

The Senate is voting tonight, but only on an amendment that could have paved the way for President Obama’s Stimulus Package to go through. It would appear that the no votes on the amendment are coming from the moderate and more liberal democrats.  I am deeply perplexed that we cannot get this package through for Obama.  Do these Senators understand what they are doing by standing in the way of this crucial legislation?  Can they possibly understand this bill as well as the man to whom we gave our trust when we voted for Barack Obama?  Have these senators been a part of the detailed meetings and discussions which developed the bill? No!  If we don’t get this bill through, America is in big trouble.  

I am beginning to wonder if the Republicans are not really listening to Rush Limbaugh when he expressed his hope that Barack Obama will fail.  They had better not be playing politics with our American lives!


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