North Carolinians Speak Up. Let’s Listen

North Carolina, for perhaps the first time in its history, has the chance to become a blue state.  An Obama canvassing training was held in Raleigh last night and there were literally hundreds of people present.  Each one of those people are expected to get 10 more people to get out the vote between now and election day.  The best news for us all, though, is that the McCain campaign never counted on an election in this state to be so close.

He’s had to allocate financial resources to battle the Obama tide in North Carolina and that means he has less resources for an already troubled financial campaign.  Obama, however, does NOT have a troubled campaign.

Could it be that the negative campaign ads, direct mail, rallies and television appearances are working against McCain and Palin?  Senator Obama’s campaign strategy was perfect:  no need to attack McCain and Palin  because they will shoot themselves in the foot.  And they continue to do so….


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5 responses to “North Carolinians Speak Up. Let’s Listen

  1. katbur

    Down here in Wilmington it’s looking pretty good, even with McSame down here today. Keep up the good work YES WE CAN!


  2. goodtimepolitics

    If you make less than $100,000 a year you will be wishing the State stays RED! Obama tax break will not help people that don’t pay taxes, it will only hurt them by raising capital tax on businesses your price for food and other products will go up and therefore you will be paying more taxes not less!


  3. vicki456

    If your business pays for health care, your taxes WILL go up under McCain. You have fallen prey to the old Republican myth of Trickle Down Economics, otherwise known as Voodoo Economics. Here’s the thing: businesses have increased their profits by shipping jobs overseas. Tell me, how has THAT helped the American people?

    Because of the most recent Republican-inspired financial crisis, Obama has developed a plan for small businesses so they will remain strong and generate new jobs. In addition, The Tax Policy Center, an independent tax analysis organization, recently analyzed both McCain’s and Obama’s tax plan and THEY determined that the greatest tax relief to the middle class is OBAMA’S tax plan. McCain’s, on the other hand, was determined to give the greatest tax relief to the wealthiest segment of Americans. So. You must be really wealthy to believe that you will benefit under McCain. If you’re not, you should do your homework and pray the nation wises up and that every state turns blue.


  4. vicki456

    P.S. to goodtimepolitics: The Obamas tax plan will eliminate capital gains taxes for investments in small businesses. McCain’s tax plan will provide NO RELIEF in capital gains taxes for investments in small business. You need to do your homework. This is easy enough to find out, especially if you are TRULY concerned about your taxes as an excuse NOT to vote for Obama.


  5. vicki456

    To Katbur: Thank YOU for your hard work. Keep up the spirit and remember: North Carolina has never seen a voter turn out and registration such as this in the history of the state. Good luck and turn out the vote!


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