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Who is Barack Obama? by Charles McCoy, North Carolina

Senator McCain, you asked, “Who is Barack Obama?”

I can answer that question for you.  Senator Obama is an American and a senator, just like you.  He was born to a white woman, just like you.  You and Senator Obama are just alike except for a few things:

He was not given entrance into a naval academy because his father, and father before him, attended the same naval academy.

He did not graduate at the bottom of his college class.

He wasn’t involved in the loss of five airplanes during the Vietnam War causing an additional 134 military men to lose their lives.

He wasn’t captured by the Viet Cong and forced to release critical information and then to contribute to the making of a propaganda tape.

He didn’t divorce his wife and three kids to pursue the Presidency with a trophy wife at his side.

He didn’t use “poor judgment” in the Keating Five financial disaster.

He didn’t support the worst president in the history of the United States 95% of the time.

He didn’t support a war based on lies that cost the American public 10 billion dollars a month and the loss of thousands of lives.

He didn’t champion deregulation of the financial industry for 27 years, which in turn, caused America’s most recent financial disaster.

So you see, Senator McCain, you may still say you do not know who Barack Obama is, but at least now you know who he is not.


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North Carolinians Speak Up. Let’s Listen

North Carolina, for perhaps the first time in its history, has the chance to become a blue state.  An Obama canvassing training was held in Raleigh last night and there were literally hundreds of people present.  Each one of those people are expected to get 10 more people to get out the vote between now and election day.  The best news for us all, though, is that the McCain campaign never counted on an election in this state to be so close.

He’s had to allocate financial resources to battle the Obama tide in North Carolina and that means he has less resources for an already troubled financial campaign.  Obama, however, does NOT have a troubled campaign.

Could it be that the negative campaign ads, direct mail, rallies and television appearances are working against McCain and Palin?  Senator Obama’s campaign strategy was perfect:  no need to attack McCain and Palin  because they will shoot themselves in the foot.  And they continue to do so….


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