Who is really going to raise your taxes?

Barack Obama will cut taxes for families making $250,000 or less.  McCain continues to say that Barack Obama will raise taxes.  Why does the media keep saying this and why do the American people keep falling for McCain’s distorted attacks on Barack Obama?

When John McCain says “I am going to put our country first!” Great. But what does that mean?

When John McCain says “We need more reform,” Great. But for 26 years, he has been calling for deregulation “I am a deregulator!” he exclaims, proudly. Now that he sees that Wall street cannot be trusted, he now calls for more regulation, after the fact! Hindsight is 20/20 my friend. Everybody is calling for regulation now.  Why weren’t you able to make that good judgement before the crises!

In defense, the Republicans like to say “Barack Obama has done nothing.” This one is a bold faced lie, but if you keep on saying it, it will become true in the minds of the American voter. So do you want to just keep saying it and win the election on a lie. What has Barack Obama done?

Obama introduced 2006 legislation aimed at ending home loans based on fraud, abuse or excessive risk. He has long warned against financial losses because of insufficient oversight of high-risk areas, particularly those involving sub-prime mortgages and loans that exceed what borrowers are able to bear.

When John McCain says “Barack Obama is going to raise your taxes. I am not.” Nice try, but I know that Barack Obama is not going to raise my taxes, and I am a member of the middle class, or what once was the middle class. I have a mortgage to pay and I live paycheck to paycheck.  We no longer eat at restaurants and every purchase we make needs to be justified.

John McCain will raise my taxes. He will force employees to pay taxes on their health care benefits.  My taxable income will increase.  He plans to give every family something like $2,600 to purchase their own health insurance, which will become the health insurance for the healthy, while the unhealthy will pay higher taxes because they won’t be able to afford private insurance.  So John McCain is introducing a new kind of tax “cut off” that is not based on how much you make, but how healthy you are!


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