PUMA’s: Stay out of Denver

The more I know, the more angry I feel. I am talking about PUMAs and other pro-Hillary/anti-Women independents.  Did I say anti-women? I sure did, because that is what these groups are.

They are smart, and they know that everything they are doing, saying, blogging and protesting will help McCain win the White House. If you have read my posts entitled What can you learn from John McCain’s sense of humor or Women voters: Help keep McCain out of the White House, you could clearly see that McCain is not a pro-women candidate.

But I am starting to hear a new, common theme coming from Diane Mantouvalos: that she doesn’t trust Obama, or she thinks he doesn’t have enough experience.

Let us talk first about trust.  There have been so many lies floating around on the internet about Obama, that even the media has reported it. For more details,  go to Snopes.com and search on “Obama.”  On Fox news, they actually report these lies as fact, where other media outlets report it with only some level of skepticism. The point is, once you hear these lies, blatant lies, that is all you hear, and the level of doubt, however small, can linger in the back of your mind.

Another common concern amongst the PUMA’s and other similar groups stem from allegations that there was voter fraud during the Caucasus in Texas.  I would be very angry if this were true, and I would find it very hard to believe, in any case, that Obama knew about and approved these tactics. I can tell you that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has also been sited in a suit alleging voter suppression of black voters in North Carolina. For more details, Visit Facing South, A New Voice for a Changing SouthWouldn’t you be willing to say that Clinton had no knowledge of these allegations?

Now to the issue of experience. Bill Clinton did not have a lot of experience when he ran for office, and he did phenomenal job as president. Barack Obama has had great experience working with the people, in the trenches of Chicago to writing and passing legislation in the Illinois State Senate that was strong on crime, while reducing the number of false imprisonments. Thinking out of the box, his idea was to make it mandatory to put video surveillance in the cars of the police while they were on the beat. Unpopular at first, yet very successful legislation that has reduced police brutality, false arrest and imprisonment, while increasing the number of convictions. Obama achieved more than most for the short amount of time he spent in the Illinois and United States Senate.

President Bush had 8 years of experience. Would you vote for him because he has the experience? Experience means nothing in the wrong hands.

His ads, his townhall meetings, his gaffes of confusion and his policies are strong evidence that John McCain would truly be 4 or 8 more years of President Bush’s policies, I can only believe that the PUMA’s are reacting emotionally to the fact that Hillary lost the nomination.  Maybe because she could have beat McCain easier than Obama, but then, if you are really concerned about beating McCain, why would you blog about your dislike for Barack Obama?

Maybe you feel that the nomination was stolen from her, but whatever the case, Clinton and Obama’s policies are just about the same and miles apart from John McCain.

You say you are mad, so we all have to suffer 4 more years of Bush policies?

McCain had to move to the right, on war, on taxes, on oil drilling, you name it, because that is where his republican base is now.

You say McCain is a maverick? Maybe he was. But now, he is running for president on the Republican ticket: maverick no more.

So ladies, you need to let it go.  Sure, you will have proved your point, but at what cost? A new draft? More war?  A good economy for the upper 10% of the population?

Be wise, not mad. Don’t vote against your own best interest.  For the health, safety and economic security of my family, please, please vote for Barack Obama.

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One response to “PUMA’s: Stay out of Denver

  1. anitawein

    Right on! Why do Hillary supporters want to vote against their own interests to prove a point? What’s more important, your ego or your country?


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