Obama, McCain “Revealed” Differences on CNN

After watching each hour of CNN’s “McCain, Revealed” and “Obama, Revealed,” I found many important differences in each man. It is not by any means a complete list, but just a few that jumped out.
Obama is most interested in fixing our economic problems at home. While tough on terrorism, he does leave war as a last resort.

McCain wants to make permanent bases in Iraq and would very likely start a war with Iran. He has turned his back on his pledge to leave wars as a last resort.

Obama was considered the most outstanding student at Harvard law school, becoming the first African American President of the Harvard Law Review.

McCain graduated in the bottom 4 in his class at the Navel Academy.

Obama turned down many high paying jobs for a low paying job working in the community. With his sights set on a political career, he wanted to live in the community so he could better understand their needs.

McCain picked Arizona as a place where he would like to live, and when a Republican Congressman retired, he quickly bought a house in that district and ran for congress. He didn’t know the community that he was going to serve and nearly lost the election, but he used his experience as a 5 year POW to win the seat.

Obama married his first sweetheart and has two beautiful little girls. He is smitten for his wife Michelle. One wife, one marriage, faithful man.

McCain returned from Vietnam to find his wife, unsure of his fate, yet faithfully awaiting him, disfigured from an auto accident. It wasn’t long before McCain began having affairs with other women. He eventually met Cynthia and to his own admission, obtained his marriage license to marry her before his divorce to his first wife was final.

Obama worked hard in the U.S. Senate and forged good relationships with other members of the senate.

McCain had built in connections because, as the commander in charge of the Vietnam war, his father had very high powered connections.


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3 responses to “Obama, McCain “Revealed” Differences on CNN

  1. Very perceptive list of differences between the two candidates.
    Wonder what McCain’s stance on Iraq is now that there is talk of a “timeline” for getting American troops out of the country. I don’t think the Iraqi’s are thinking of permanent American bases.
    Michael Stein


  2. republicantreehugger

    Comparing a tough but fair McCain piece with a fawning puff piece for Obama is hardly apples-to-apples. McCain got legitimate questions about his affairs, the Keating 5, and his wife’s drug use (OK, some weren’t legitimate) while Obama got no direct questions on Rezko, knocking his political mentor off the ballot, his college drug use, his amazing opponent-less rise to power, or any of his votes. I thought I was watching the DNC setup piece for Denver, not a supposed journalistic documentary.


  3. Are you sure you watched the entire Obama piece? Maybe they didn’t ask him directly about his drug use because he came forward with it without even being asked! And about knocking his political mentor off the ballot, does the word cut-throat sound like puff? As for Rezko, Obama had nothing whatsoever to do with Rezko’s illegal dealings. Obama’s connection to Rezko was legal in every detail. This was a smear waged against Obama by Hillary Clinton. (See the Blogroll link to the conservative Chicago Tribune, on this page, lower left).

    Journalistic integrity of CNN would have been seriously called into question if they raised questions that had originated from a smear campaign on either side.

    Asking Obama about Rezko would have been like asking McCain if he had a child out of wedlock with a black woman! Both are clearly false.

    I did not think that either side was a puff piece.


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