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Sarah Palin, a Republican’s Pawn

I am starting to feel really bad for Sarah Palin. It is becoming more and more clear that she is being used by the republican party to appease the Evangelicals, and a transparent attempt to get the women voters. Hillary Clinton supporters have already heckled her, and she has only appeared twice!

We should be outraged that McCain would select a person who has not been vetted and is totally, completely and clearly not ready to be the most powerful leader in the world dealing with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Vladimir Putin,Kim Jong-il, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, the list goes on.

Can you imagine Sarah dealing with these leaders effectively, without risk? Would that make you feel safe?  It is almost like she is being set up like a stooge so McCain can win over the women’s and Evangelical vote. Barack Obama is right, McCain just doesn’t get it!

And with her modest four year college degree in journalism, how can she be expected to make decisions regarding the supreme court.  As next in line for the presidency, she will need to be ready to “defend the constitution of the United States.”  I wonder if she has even read the entire document! She has certainly never had any reason to study it. Barack Obama is a constitutional scholar and knows that document inside and out.

The republican’s talking points include this notion that Sarah Palin has more experience than Barack Obama because she is a governor with executive experience. They even have the audacity to say that Barack has no foreign policy experience. Who are they kidding?

Barack Obama is not only brilliant, but his excellent skills of connecting to and inspiring people, as witnessed throughout his campaign, has been put to the test. He traveled extensively and established very successful relationships overseas. He has been dealing with national and international issues as a U.S. Senator, while Sarah Palin has admitted that she is not even interested in Iraq, even though her son is getting ready to serve there!

To say that Palin is more experienced than Obama is a blatantly false talking point put out by the Rebulican Party.  She has not even completed a full term as the governor of a state with a population of only 700 thousand (compare to Illinois: 13 Million, California: 37 Million). She is still in training for her current office as Governor!

Can you imagine if McCain won the election, than had a heart attack on inauguration day from the excitement?  That would indeed be a sad day because we will have lost a good public servant and war hero, but it would be a frightful day for the American People.

And to Sarah Palin, I am so sorry that you have been used.  You deserve better.


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Sarah Palin. Who she is and who she is NOT!

Sarah Palin. I suspected it would be a woman. Meg Whitman, I thought, but this is the mystery choice of the election.  McCain met her once in person, and once over the phone. Apparently, the third time was the charm because I highly doubt that she was even vetted.

This is what I know so far:

Just this month, she is being investigated by a bi-partisan committee for allegations of abuse of power in case involving the firing of her former brother-in-law.

McCain has said the the most important quality of a running mate is the ability to become commander-in-chief at a moments notice.

Gov. Palin, who has said herself that she is “not really interested in Iraq,” has no foreign policy experience whatsoever. With a 72 year old cancer survivor as our president, and such a complicated world, can we really take that chance?

Palin has served only 2 years as Governor and before that, she was council woman and mayor in a small town.

She has a modest 4 year bachelors degree in journalism with a minor in politics.

She is currently under investigation by an independent investigator hired by the state legislature for abuse of power.  To put it simply, her sister went through a divorce (with a difficult custody battle) from a state trouper named Mike Wooten, so Palin allegedly fired his boss because he did not fire Wooton. This investigation has commenced this month, and a deposition is pending in August, 2008.

Last year, Palin disagreed with the Board of Agriculture and Conservation controlled Creamery Board who wanted to shut down a state funded dairy company, so she fired the entire board and replaced them with members that agreed with her.  The Matanuska Maid Dairy went out of business anyway and the state could not even sell off their assets to pay of its debts.

She is adamantly pro-life with no exceptions and advocates that creationism should be taught in schools.

This choice has made quite a sparkle, but hot fire burns out quickly.  Soon, the news will spread that she has no history of any kind in national, international and foreign policy issue.  I wouldn’t trust her to be a heartbeat away from our commander-in-chief and there are very few that would.

Choosing a vice president is the first important decision a candidate must make.  If this is McCain’s first judgement call as president, he stepped out of the gate and into the mud.


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Do You Believe in Hillary Clinton?

If you are a woman, and you support Hillary and you believe in Hillary, then you must now understand that it is time to lay down your arms.  Listen to Her. She wants you to vote for Barack Obama, with every breath of her being. Did she fight for all of you for nothing?

She asked you if you were “just supporting me, or were you supporting that young marine…” and all of the causes that Hillary as been fighting for her entire life.  Are you going to let her down? Are you really going to vote for John McCain?  It will have to be a secret, because if Hillary finds out, she will not be happy!

And keep this in mind: Joe Biden created the Violence Against Woman Act and John McCain voted against it.

Put your passion along side Hillary’s and get out the vote for Barack Obama!

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“Just Say No Deal” Just Stop Spreading Lies

I had no choice but to put a quick post up for those of you who have seen the group from Diane Mantouvalos called “Just Say No Deal.”

They are spewing lies about Obama’s religion and backround and I cannot let it go unchecked. Again, check with It is unbelivable what nonsense some women will believe when their emotions are raw.

One thing we know for sure: These particular Hillary Clinton (PUMA’s and Just-Say-no-deal) supporters are very angry and emotional. I don’t think anyone can make clear judgement in this state of mind.

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PUMA’s: Stay out of Denver

The more I know, the more angry I feel. I am talking about PUMAs and other pro-Hillary/anti-Women independents.  Did I say anti-women? I sure did, because that is what these groups are.

They are smart, and they know that everything they are doing, saying, blogging and protesting will help McCain win the White House. If you have read my posts entitled What can you learn from John McCain’s sense of humor or Women voters: Help keep McCain out of the White House, you could clearly see that McCain is not a pro-women candidate.

But I am starting to hear a new, common theme coming from Diane Mantouvalos: that she doesn’t trust Obama, or she thinks he doesn’t have enough experience.

Let us talk first about trust.  There have been so many lies floating around on the internet about Obama, that even the media has reported it. For more details,  go to and search on “Obama.”  On Fox news, they actually report these lies as fact, where other media outlets report it with only some level of skepticism. The point is, once you hear these lies, blatant lies, that is all you hear, and the level of doubt, however small, can linger in the back of your mind.

Another common concern amongst the PUMA’s and other similar groups stem from allegations that there was voter fraud during the Caucasus in Texas.  I would be very angry if this were true, and I would find it very hard to believe, in any case, that Obama knew about and approved these tactics. I can tell you that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has also been sited in a suit alleging voter suppression of black voters in North Carolina. For more details, Visit Facing South, A New Voice for a Changing SouthWouldn’t you be willing to say that Clinton had no knowledge of these allegations?

Now to the issue of experience. Bill Clinton did not have a lot of experience when he ran for office, and he did phenomenal job as president. Barack Obama has had great experience working with the people, in the trenches of Chicago to writing and passing legislation in the Illinois State Senate that was strong on crime, while reducing the number of false imprisonments. Thinking out of the box, his idea was to make it mandatory to put video surveillance in the cars of the police while they were on the beat. Unpopular at first, yet very successful legislation that has reduced police brutality, false arrest and imprisonment, while increasing the number of convictions. Obama achieved more than most for the short amount of time he spent in the Illinois and United States Senate.

President Bush had 8 years of experience. Would you vote for him because he has the experience? Experience means nothing in the wrong hands.

His ads, his townhall meetings, his gaffes of confusion and his policies are strong evidence that John McCain would truly be 4 or 8 more years of President Bush’s policies, I can only believe that the PUMA’s are reacting emotionally to the fact that Hillary lost the nomination.  Maybe because she could have beat McCain easier than Obama, but then, if you are really concerned about beating McCain, why would you blog about your dislike for Barack Obama?

Maybe you feel that the nomination was stolen from her, but whatever the case, Clinton and Obama’s policies are just about the same and miles apart from John McCain.

You say you are mad, so we all have to suffer 4 more years of Bush policies?

McCain had to move to the right, on war, on taxes, on oil drilling, you name it, because that is where his republican base is now.

You say McCain is a maverick? Maybe he was. But now, he is running for president on the Republican ticket: maverick no more.

So ladies, you need to let it go.  Sure, you will have proved your point, but at what cost? A new draft? More war?  A good economy for the upper 10% of the population?

Be wise, not mad. Don’t vote against your own best interest.  For the health, safety and economic security of my family, please, please vote for Barack Obama.

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A truthful letter about the Panic that will ensue should Obama not win!


Dear Wade,  Did someone say, “Foreign Policy”?!!!!  How Barack Obama MIGHT do with regard to FP is mere speculation right now.  I’m having the Bejesus scared out of me by the CURRENT “experienced” administration when it comes to “foreign policy”!   Please Lord, grant me the privilege of having the “inexperienced” Barack Obama direct this country’s FP!!  As a manifestation of my PRESENT fears, here’s a little panic note I sent my Senator!


Dear Senator Klobuchar, I wish to register my concerns regarding the recent defense agreement signed by Sec’t. Condylissa Rice and the Polish government.  If my understanding is correct, this agreement goes beyond a missile defense system that is designed to disable any missile launched from countries which we have designated as sponsors of terrorism.  It also has a battery of missiles that are specifically present to thwart any military action that might be initiated by Russia against Poland.  Furthermore, I understand that this agreement places the U.S. in a special defense alliance with Poland that goes beyond the general committment that NATO countries have made to defend Poland.  Finally, I understand that these defense facilities will be staffed by American military personnel.

      Frankly, if what I read is true, I’m wondering how such an arrangement with Poland came to pass?  True, the Russians have shown worrisome aggression in Ossetia of late.  However, why does the U.S. have to assume a more provocative role than other members of NATO?  Furthermore, what would be our reaction if Russia did similar posturing by establishing a missile defense system in Mexico?  (If my knowledge of U.S. history is correct, we “invaded” Mexico and took over some of its land in what today is part of Arizona.  So, it’s not as though we have a stellar record in such matters.)  So, my final question relates to what I learned in 8th grade civics class.  It has to do with the Senate’s role of “advise and consent”.  If you, as my elected Senator, have any sway in this matter, I urge you to be the voice of constraint.  Thank you for your consideration to this matter.

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From Springfield with Obama and Biden

I am leaving this quick post to tell you about the experience of attending the Obama-Biden rally in Springfield, Illinois this morning, Saturday, August 23. I will leave the substance of their speeches for a later date.

The heat was brutal today, here in Springfield, Illinois, but no one complained. Many waited the night before, but we were there bright and early and waited 5 hours in the scorching hot sun. Barack Obama started right on time, as promised, at 2pm, local time.

The supporters at the rally made Obama proud. After a long wait, hot sun, some even fainting, we all reached out to help one another, sharing water, hand fans, and excitement.  

It does something to you, to see them in the real.  You could feel the genuineness of their messages, enthusiasm and hope. Some things just don’t make it on the television. 

I learned a lot about Joe Biden today, and I was really impressed. 

It was an experience worth waiting for and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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McCain wants to reinstate the draft?

Note to McCain: listen to what Barack Obama has to say.

During a town home meeting, a woman, fighting back tears, asked John McCain a question, which began by making reference to poor health care for veterans and the undocumented workers, but there was only one, clear question in the form of the statement, “…..if we don’t re-enact the draft, I don’t think we will have anyone to chase Bin Laden to the gates of hell.”   

John McCain’s response, “I agree with everything you just said.”

So does McCain want to reinstate the draft? McCain did say that he was apposed to it, but only because, he said, “I never heard of a draft that rich people couldn’t find a doctor that would say they had a bad knee”

It is quite clear that he does not oppose the draft in principal, but only because the draft had loopholes and let too many ways to avoid it.

At his town hall meetings, he has also said that we may stay in Iraq “for 100 years,” and that “there will be many more wars.”

If that were the plan, yes indeed, we would absolutely need the draft. For that, I believe, there is no doubt.

Fortunately, this is not Obama’s plan.

Barack Obama has been saying for quite some time that we need a timeline to get the troops out of Iraq and that we need to redeploy troops into Afghanistan.

A timeline that McCain opposes? Is McCain further to the right of Bush and Condoleezza Rice? Because even they have finally adapted Obama’s foreign policy and announced a timeline to withdraw troops from Iraq.

And the Pentagon has endorsed Obama’s plan to redeploy troops into Afghanistan.

According to the actions and statements of the White House and the Pentagon, Barack Obama knows exactly what he is talking about. John McCain doesn’t.

Barack Obama’s plan is to minimize war and manage effectively the use of our armed forces. 

John McCain’s plan is to stay in Iraq indefinitely, possibly “bomb Iran,” and rattle sables to Russia (without even realizing the consequences) and if we need to re-instate the draft, too bad.

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Obama, McCain “Revealed” Differences on CNN

After watching each hour of CNN’s “McCain, Revealed” and “Obama, Revealed,” I found many important differences in each man. It is not by any means a complete list, but just a few that jumped out.
Obama is most interested in fixing our economic problems at home. While tough on terrorism, he does leave war as a last resort.

McCain wants to make permanent bases in Iraq and would very likely start a war with Iran. He has turned his back on his pledge to leave wars as a last resort.

Obama was considered the most outstanding student at Harvard law school, becoming the first African American President of the Harvard Law Review.

McCain graduated in the bottom 4 in his class at the Navel Academy.

Obama turned down many high paying jobs for a low paying job working in the community. With his sights set on a political career, he wanted to live in the community so he could better understand their needs.

McCain picked Arizona as a place where he would like to live, and when a Republican Congressman retired, he quickly bought a house in that district and ran for congress. He didn’t know the community that he was going to serve and nearly lost the election, but he used his experience as a 5 year POW to win the seat.

Obama married his first sweetheart and has two beautiful little girls. He is smitten for his wife Michelle. One wife, one marriage, faithful man.

McCain returned from Vietnam to find his wife, unsure of his fate, yet faithfully awaiting him, disfigured from an auto accident. It wasn’t long before McCain began having affairs with other women. He eventually met Cynthia and to his own admission, obtained his marriage license to marry her before his divorce to his first wife was final.

Obama worked hard in the U.S. Senate and forged good relationships with other members of the senate.

McCain had built in connections because, as the commander in charge of the Vietnam war, his father had very high powered connections.


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McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

This is not the politics of fear, this is reality.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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